Wellness Cures
Harper's, 2018
On a program trying to improve access to healthcare for the Deaf


The Sign for This
Vela, 2015
On Sign Language, family & forgetting
Selected as a notable essay in Best American Essays 2016
Adapted for radio (with transcript) on NPR's The Pulse, 2017


People Mountain, People Sea
Vela, 2017
On the Women's March


The Bathrobe
Catapult, 2017
On quilting & grieving


I'm Losing My Grandmother's Native Language (radio & transcription)
based on excerpts from "The Sign for This"
The Pulse, 2017
On the shame of forgetting language


Mid-American Review, 2014
On a burned-down house and the fire that consumed it


Hopeful to the Sky
 The Fourth River, 2014
On the natural world, cities & escape


Vela, 2013
On censorship and teaching in China




The Slipping
Kaleidoscope, 2017
A daughter & her hospitalized deaf mother,
based on the experiences of my mother & grandmother


Indiana Review, 2014
A young girl at an oralist school in the 40s,
based on the experiences of my great-aunt