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A Voice More Beautiful Than Blue
The Believer, 2019
On deafness and music,
highlighting the work of Jeffrey Mansfield & Christine Sun Kim

Wellness Cures
Harper's Magazine, 2018
On a program trying to improve healthcare access for the Deaf,
highlighting Ian DeAndrea-Lazarus & the National Center for Deaf Health Research
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The Sign for This
Vela, 2015
On Sign Language, family & forgetting
Recommended on Longreads & selected as a notable essay in Best American Essays 2016


The Bathrobe
Catapult, 2017
On quilting & grieving


I'm Losing My Grandmother's Native Language (radio & transcript)
based on excerpts from "The Sign for This"
WHYY’s The Pulse, 2017
On the shame of forgetting language


Mid-American Review, 2014
On a burned-down house and the fire that consumed it


Hopeful to the Sky
 The Fourth River, 2014
On the natural world, cities & escape


Vela, 2013
On censorship and teaching in China



The Slipping
Kaleidoscope, 2017
A daughter & her hospitalized deaf mother,
based on the experiences of my mother & grandmother


Indiana Review, 2014
A young girl at an oralist school in the 1940s,
based on the experiences of my great-aunt